hannah is a brand that always thinks about ways to help women experience more comfortable and enjoyable menstrual cycles. It has already been over 16 years since hannah⁝PAD, our reusable cloth pad, was launched back in 2005.
Introducing our new brand hannahSENSE. A specialized period underwear designed to be worn without pads, tampons, or menstrual cups.

Why hannah⁝SENSE

1. Certified Organic Cotton Period Panties
Healthier and better against the skin
hannahSENSE is made with certified organic cotton and kept at its most natural essence (minimal processing) for that extra comfort and softness without any chemical nasties: toxin-free, fragrance-free, unbleached, and non-dyed. There are no irritants used in making our underwear, and so even the most sensitive skin can feel comfy with hannahSENSE.
Certified Organic Cotton
- Certification Number : CU 834958
- Certification Body : Control Union
The gussets top sheet that touches your beautiful skin and inner layers are made with 100% certified organic cotton.
Since your outer skin tissue absorbs the fastest (mucosal membrane, tongue, nose, etc.), we decided to remove as much harmful ingredients as possible in producing our female hygiene products. We substituted black dye by adopting 100% organic cotton due to many recommendations. Also, during tests we received feedback that black colored (dyed) pads do not show menstrual blood well, which can be an inconvenience when trying to notice if the pad needs to be replaced. Through numerous trial and error, a more reliable product was created.
2. The best replacement for disposables
Leakproof protection
Inserted TPU waterproof coating which is breathable and prevents leakage by repelling water.
Full coverage
- High absorbency levels and dries quickly. 
- Front and back protection.
hannah⁝SENSE is for anyone who needs protection during menstruation, regular vaginal discharge, or light bladder leakage. There is no age limit and is perfect for beginners.
3. Greener on the environment
The number of pads and tampons disposed annually in the U.S. is 16,000,000,000 SIXTEEN BILLON. And it's not only the pads that we need to consider here. There's also all the packaging materials (also mainly plastic!) used to manufacture and ship out all the those disposable pads and tampons.
You are saving the planet by not tossing any plastic waste that end up in landfills and waterways. There are no unnecessary packaging with hannah⁝SENSE and it can last you several years of reuse.
4. No odor, No worries
Many people think cloth pads are smelly and filthy because of the blood, and so nobody wants to touch it. However, it’s not your period blood that stinks. The odor occurs due to the chemical reaction and bacteria growth from the blood touching the disposable pads. The odor most people are familiar with come from disposables that contain chemical nasties. This mixed with bloody discharge, cervical fluid and sweat produces an odor when exposed to oxygen. As there no such chemicals in hannah⁝SENSE’s certified organic cotton (side that touches the skin) there is no need to worry about odor when using or carrying your hannah⁝SENSE.

What sets us Apart

hannah feels like you’re just wearing your favorite underwear with both the cover and absorbent made with 100% organic cotton.
5. Various types of period underwear to fit your needs
hannah⁝SENSE - Cheeky                          hannah⁝SENSE - Thong
hannah⁝SENSE - Brief-Light                     hannah⁝SENSE - Brief-Heavy
hannah⁝SENSE - BoyShorts
hannah⁝SENSE - High Waist
6. Period days, like normal days. 
With hannah⁝SENSE, your period days become just like any other regular day. Stay active and worry-free, without leaks or discomfort.
7. Waterproof Reusable packaging
In order to reduce waste and to offer better protection for your hannah⁝SENSE, use this lovely and colorful cube packaging as a pouch. When you are out and about, store in this pouch to carry with you all day.
Pouch Packaging
All hannah⁝SENSE styles
Find Your Size

*We recommend using one size larger than your standard size due to period bloating. Ex. Your size M -> Purchase size L 

How to Wash

*Wash before first use.
step1. After using hannah SENSE, rinse with cold water to remove discharge.
step2. lather with naturual laundry soap or detergent. Leave for 6 hrs or overnight, change water daily if soaking for longer.
step3. Hand or machine wash in cold water.
step4. Dry fully under the sun or indoors before storing.
**Black colored underwear may have an error allowance of +-1cm due to additional washing, which causes natural shrinkage during the production process. Although considered not a defect, please choose according to the standard size. Due to the nature of the fabric, spandex products may shrink by about 5% when dried after washing in water. However, they recover naturally after wearing. Please choose according to the standard size.